About Us

Resell Cartel is one of the oldest collective of sneakerheads and resellers around. We have been providing high quality and fast dedicated proxies to our members for years. We have decided to expand our sales to the public so you too can experience our quality proxies. We offer proxy locations in every country in the world and can provide custom bulk orders when needed. Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you’re looking for an obscure proxy location and your current provider can’t fill it.

What is a dedicated proxy?

A dedicated proxy is one hosted on a datacenter server. They are reliable, fast and have no bandwidth cap. Our proxies are ideal for people who run sneaker bots or Supreme bots for long periods of time. Other providers will charge for how much data you use, however we do not.

How do I order proxies?

If you’re interested in our proxies, head over to the product page and select the package that suits you. In the order notes, please add any details about location or customization you want with the proxies. Telling us which sites you plan on using the proxies for will help us customize a package for you better, so please add as many details as possible.

I want to order from two locations, do I need two orders?

No, you do not. With Resell Cartel proxies, you can choose as many  locations as you’d like (in 5 proxy multiples). For example if you buy our 10 proxy package, and want UK based proxies AND California based proxies – we can provide both in the same package at no extra charge.

Do you provide replacement proxies?

In some instances we will swap the proxies for free, or give you a refreshment on your proxies once a month at no extra charge.

What speeds can I expect to see from these proxies?

Typically, when set up correct our proxies see speeds as low as 20MS. This depends on your location of course and internet speed, but our proxies are high quality.

Please provide your preferred proxy location and site preference in your order details Dismiss